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Treadmill Stress Test

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Identifying signs of heart disease in its earliest stages can greatly reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack and another serious health complication. Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC in Port Arthur, Texas, offers on-site treadmill stress tests to identify the cause of shortness of breath, chest pain, and other warning signs of heart disease. To find out if you’re a candidate for a treadmill stress test, schedule a diagnostic evaluation online or by calling Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC today.

Treadmill Stress Test Q & A

What is a treadmill stress test?

A treadmill stress test is a non-invasive diagnostic test that can identify heart disease. The test requires you to walk on a treadmill while the Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC team monitors your blood pressure and pulse rate.

As your physical activity level rises, your body needs more oxygen. Your heart works harder to pump more blood to support your increased activity. The treadmill test can determine if your blood supply is sufficient. This test can also identify safe levels of exercise for people with heart conditions.

What happens during a treadmill stress test?

Before the test, the Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC connects you to monitoring devices that measure your blood pressure and pulse. They also connect you to a continuous electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) that monitors activity in your heart.

While you’re walking on the treadmill, the team will ask if you have any symptoms like lightheadedness, chest pain, or difficulty breathing. They ask these questions at set intervals during the test and carefully monitor the EKG and your vital signs.

If you feel sick or uncomfortable at any time, let the team know so that they can stop the test. The team will also check your blood pressure and heart rate while resting after the test is done.

Why would I need a treadmill stress test?

The team at Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC will recommend a treadmill stress test as a preventive screening to evaluate your heart health.

You might also need a treadmill stress test if you have unexplained heart-related symptoms. Things like chest pain or shortness of breath can point to coronary artery disease or a heart attack.

A treadmill stress test might not be the only test you need to diagnose heart disease. Based on your test results, the team can determine if you need nuclear imaging or other diagnostic tests to fully evaluate the function and health of your heart.

To learn more about the diagnostic benefits of a treadmill stress test, call Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC today or book an appointment online.