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Same Day Visit

Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC

Cardiovascular Disease Specialists & Internal Medicine located in Port Arthur, TX

When you’re unwell or feel concerned about your heart or whole-body health, you want to see a specialist now rather than waiting weeks or months for a scheduled appointment. At Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC, the leading internal medicine and cardiology specialists in Port Arthur, Texas, you can book a same-day visit to get immediate and attentive care. Call the office or click on the scheduling tool to book your appointment now.

Same Day Visit Q & A

What is a same-day visit?

At Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC, a same-day visit is the easy-access medical care you seek from providers you trust. In most cases, the team can set up your appointment for the same day you contact the office — sometimes within a few hours.

Most of the team’s medical services and noninvasive diagnostic testing are available during a same-day visit.

When might I need a same-day visit?

The most common reasons you would come into the office for same-day care include:

Chronic disease management

If you have heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, vertigo, or another condition or illness, there’ll be times when you need immediate attention.

If you’re suddenly experiencing new symptoms, having problems with your treatment, or need diagnostic tests to monitor your condition, Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC can provide the care you need right away.

Diagnostic testing

If you have a medical crisis, have been worrying about new symptoms, or suspect a serious medical problem, diagnostic testing is the first step in finding answers.

The team can do same-day noninvasive diagnostic testing, including blood tests, treadmill stress tests, echocardiograms, and other advanced tests not ordinarily available at many other internal medicine providers’ offices.

Immediate treatment

The team offers not only the diagnosis but also the treatment that can help you recover. Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC provides all kinds of treatments for adults, emphasizing heart health and overall wellness.

If you’re not sure that the team offers the same-day care you need, reach out to a friendly team member to discuss your needs.

How can I schedule a same-day visit?

The best way to schedule a same-day visit is to call the office. Explain your needs to a caring team member, and they can usually book your appointment right away. You can also use the online appointment request, specifying a same-day appointment.

The Gulf Coast Cardiology Group PLLC team strongly believes in easy-access medical care, which is why they welcome same-day patients. Call the office or click on the scheduling link to arrange your visit now.