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About Our Medical Practice in Port Arthur, TX

At Gulf Coast Cardiology Group, P.L.L.C., we have been serving the local community of Port Arthur, TX, since 1989. Over 100,000 patients in the Mid- and South Jefferson County area have trusted us with their care. Over the years, the practice has grown and additional physicians were added to meet the needs of the patients. Now Gulf Coast Cardiology Group has four Board-certified cardiologists on staff. Even though the practice has grown, the goals of Gulf Coast Cardiology Group, Dr. Morbia, Dr. Abdullah, Dr. Abochamh, and Dr. Islam remain the same: offering superior patient care.
Get to Know Our Doctors
Dr. Morbia

About Dr. Morbia

Dr. Morbia has been practicing as an interventional cardiologist since 1988 and is the Head Physician at Gulf Coast Cardiology Group. He has completed more than 25,000 cardiovascular cases to date. Dr. Morbia is the senior-most interventional cardiologist living and practicing in the Mid- and South Jefferson County area and has recruited 8 cardiologists into practicing in this area.

Our New Facility

Under the leadership of Dr. Morbia, Gulf Coast Cardiology Group, P.L.L.C., has built and moved into a larger and more accommodating office facility of 15,000 square feet (one of the largest physicians’ offices between Houston and New Orleans). The office is located conveniently off Twin City Hwy., close to Hwy. 73, near the corner of Twin City Hwy. and 39th Street (Old Woolco Building, behind Race Track Gas Station, near Jack in the Box). This new facility houses all 4 cardiologists, with room to grow to accommodate up to 8 cardiologists – all practicing under one roof.

Cardiology With a Personal Touch

Gulf Coast Cardiology Group, P.L.L.C. strives to offer a personal touch to all of its patients. You will see our dedication in the office as well as in the hospitals we serve. Our office staff, nursing staff, technicians, and physicians are all driven to help optimize your healthcare and support your medical needs. Choosing a physician to take care of your cardiovascular needs is not an easy decision. We at Gulf Coast Cardiology Group, P.L.L.C. hope that we can make your visits to our office informative, pleasant, and help you maintain the best possible health.
Heart rate being checked and analyzed

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